Butterfly Village Game

Explore natural life in the countryside with these 24 interactive cards!

Come together and enjoy each other’s company – have fun and learn. The set can be used in pairs or alone as well. There are 6 different ways to play with it. Activities include group tasks, topics for discussion, questions for self-discovery.

The Butterfly Village Card  Game is a Toolkit issued in 2022. The aim of this Game is to introduce people to healthy, self-sufficient, community oriented and sustainable rural lifestyles. The game was created by an international team in Zaježová ecovillage, Slovakia. We offer this material free of charge for printing. Suggested size is A6. Be sure to use good quality endurable material!  

The Card is available in two design versions.

  1. Elagant, colourful version made by Alessandra Villani from Italy. Download here.
  2. Artistic, mysterious version made by Gábor Pásztor & TUT Studio from Slovakia. Download here.

This Game is the result of Butterfly Village – Multi-skilled people for rural revitalisation project co-financed by Erasmus+. Participating organisations: Két Torony Nagyszékelyi Faluegylet and Falusi Fortélyok Iskolája (Hungary), Pospolitosť pre harmonický život (Slovakia), Sunny Hills of Istria (Slovenia) Photos of the Game are made by Dániel Bori (Hungary)