This village is a settlement with a special atmosphere. As if you were walking around in a painting… The beautiful hilly landscape embraces valleys with 19th-century-style peasant buildings. We are situated 120 km South from Budapest, there are 450 inhabitants. This place attracts many interesting people – including organic gardeners, talented craftsmen and creative artists. The local community is quite active. We organise several events throughout the whole year, so there is no time to get bored. Otherwise the village is very quiet, therefore an ideal place for escaping from the stressy city-life.

People can experience natural life here. They get the chance to discover themselves on a deeper level. Connect to plants, animals, humans.

A Two Towers of Nagyszékely Association is the official host organisation of the School of Village Life (Falusi Fortélyok Iskolája) informal initiative. Our initiative intends to help adults to live in a natural, healthy and sustainable way. We accept volunteers, shoot videos and run courses.

The goal of our host organisation – Two Towers – is to help local community life flourish, protect cultural and natural heritage. We work in close cooperation.